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Welcome From the Bishop of Bunbury

The Catholic Diocese of Bunbury welcomes you. This website serves as a means of communication for our parishes, scattered across the South-Western portion of the State of Western Australia.

Ours is one of the most rapidly growing dioceses in the country. It includes some of the most rapidly increasing population centres in Australia.

I hope this website will be of service to all outside the Diocese who seek to learn something of our Catholic life.

God bless

The Most Reverend Gerard Holohan
Bishop of Bunbury

Pastoral Letter for those facing martyrdom

Brothers and Sisters in Christ

This letter is to ask every Catholic in the Bunbury Diocese to consider praying for our Christian brothers and sisters facing martyrdom at present around the world.  Pope St John Paul II referred to how more people were killed because of their faith in the last century than previous centuries.

Recent media have reported that in the parts of Syria and Iraq now controlled by so called Islamic Caliphate, Catholics and other Christians have been told either to convert, to pay a special tax or face death by the sword.  There have been reports too of those facing persecution having to choose between walking away from their livelihoods and all they own  for the safety of their children, and leaving behind elderly parents who are too frail and weak to escape. Read More here

Catholic Diocese of Bunbury
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